This is a list of the Pokemon that will be on Gabe's team in Pokemon Yellow. Even though Gabe is a girl in real life, her player character is a boy.

On Hand Edit

Pikachu Edit

Pikachu will be Gabe's starter Pokemon given to him by Professor Oak. It will refuse to stay in its Poke Ball and will refuse to evolve.

Nidorio♂ Edit

Nidorio will be a Nidoran ♂ owned by Gabe. It is the only Pokemon along with Nidoran ♀ that each have a gender since there are no genders in Generation I.

Sandy Edit

Sandy will be a Sandshrew owned by Gabe.

Ratty Edit

Ratty will be a Rattata owned by Gabe.

Roxy Edit

Roxy will be a Vulpix owned by Gabe. Gabe is going to rescue it from being trapped in the Team Rocket Game Corner along with the other Pokemon trapped in there.

Eve Edit

Eve will be an Eevee obtained by Gabe in the Celadon Mansion.

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